Best MBA Programs in Texas City – Everything You Need To Know!

Best MBA Programs in Texas City – What is the need to pursue an MBA? Why spend time, energy and funds on an MBA program when you could get a respectable job with other courses.

According to the U.S. News & World Report, the MBA program cultivates skills like leadership, creativity and analytical thinking.

Furthermore, an MBA opens the door for more jobs and security. Many corporate do not consider a candidate without an MBA. An MBA program provides specialization and networking opportunities.

Best MBA Programs in Texas City

Best MBA Programs in Texas City

Best MBA Programs in Texas City

Forbes ranks Texas as the sixth best state for business. It has a $1.65 trillion economy and ranks first for its economic climate. In addition, it is the second states for the fastest job and economic growth in five years.

The companies like AT&T, ExxonMobil, and Dell based in Texas. The cities like Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio are the most popular places for business.

In the Lone Star State business, managers are among the top 20 highest paying jobs. You can earn $63,200 – $97,667 within the first five years once you finish your degree.

Everything is bigger in Texas! Many schools of it have large alumni bodies. These bodies are important because they provide networking opportunities, internships and jobs. The number of the economic condition of alumni is a good indicator of the quality of this MBA program.

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1. University of Texas

Austin McCombs School of Business is located in the capital city of the Lone Star State. The school has 92,000 alumni from 100 countries.

Key features of the McCombs School of Business MBA program

1. The program offered in a number of formats and in different cities.

2. All types of the programs are available such as Full-time, Evening and Executive MBA.

3. The course is available in Dallas/Fort Worth, Mexico and Houston.

4. The leaders developed through seminars, micro-consulting projects and executive coaches.

5. UT has an MBA Fellows program and Venture Labs to help MBA students to connect success in the business world.

Tuition fee and college score: The tuition fee is $33,298 and college choice score is 100.00.

2. Rice University

This is located in Houston, Texas. Here you will get a unique opportunity to get your MBA in a diverse and academically challenging setting.

Key features of the Rice University MBA Program

1. At this school, you will study over 56 countries.

2. Learn closely with an award-winning faculty.

3. You can enroll in Full-time, professional or executive MBA program.

4. The school focuses on your energy and interests in a particular concentration.

5. The various streams are accounting, energy, entrepreneurship, finance, healthcare, marketing, innovation, operation management, real estate or strategic management.

Tuition fee and college score: Tuition fee $50,400 and college choice score is 93.58.

3. Texas A&M University College Station

This school established in 1961 in College Station. It is a top-ranking academic institution and 19th in the best world school.

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Key features of A&M University MBA Program

1. You will get intensive curriculum, internship placement, career management services, excellent faculty etc.

2. Great return on your investment.

3. You can access the 50,000-member in Alumni network.

4. After your degree, you will get the best job in Texas and in the nation.

5. 94 percent of the candidates are employed within three months of graduating.

Tuition fee and college score: The tuition fee is $27,432 and college choice score is 82.21.

4. The University of Texas at Dallas

Dallas Naveen Jindal School of Management is located in Richardson, Texas.

Key features of University of Texas at Dallas

1. It has 5 MBA options and 100 elective offerings.

2. The program has 15 concentration options and 14 joint degree selections.

3. Here you need to make the most of your MBA program experience.

4. The top professors are here to prepare the students.

5. You will get a chance to connect with Fortune 500 companies.

6. The school has a 90% job placement rates.

Tuition fee and college score: The tuition fee is $14,006 and college choice score is 80.46.

5. Texas Christian University

Christian University is next to Dallas, in Fort Worth, Texas.

Key features of Texas Christian University MBA Program

1. The students at TCU can get great opportunities, do internships and look for a job.

2. Here you will get the unique MBA global experience.

3. The global advantage of this program is that you can learn about marketing luxury brands in Italy, distribution strategies in China.

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4. The students get the opportunity to participate in real Fortune 500 company cases.

5. The students work in close collaboration with companies like Southwest Airlines, IBM etc.

Tuition fee and college score: Tuition fee is $44,000 and college choice score is 69.42.

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