Cheapest Online MBA No GMAT [Updated Complete List]

Cheapest online MBA no GMAT – Earning an MBA degree you can enjoy the tons of exciting job opportunities. As companies, hire MBA in order to meet the expansion and competitive requirements of a business.

Many MBA programs on campus as well as off-campus required to submit GMAT scores. Moreover, GMAT score is only considered if the test was taken within the past five years. It can be a great difficulty for the working professionals who went straight into the workforce with their bachelorís, and now want to complete an MBA.

To safeguard the interest of these professionals the schools waived GMAT requirements for the students with a strong GPA or successful work experience.

Cheapest Online MBA No GMAT

Cheapest Online MBA No GMAT

Cheapest Online MBA No GMAT

Without GMAT MBA admission requirements?

Getting the right business school for MBA is competitive with or without. Where the GMAT score is not required, other important factors may persuade the admission in your favor. Some key elements are given below:

Letter of recommendation

The letter from previous professor or supervisor is important while submitting your college application. In case of MBA program with no GMAT, these letters become more important. Because your former supervisor can explain how you climbed the corporate ladder. Your former teacher can speak to your learning potential.

Prior work experience

To waive GMAT most programs need full-time work experience around 3-10 years. No matter the field you are working, you must be able to show as potential management material. Your excellent at teamwork and taking on additional responsibilities are highly favorable in this aspect.

Personal statements

Various MBA programs use the GMAT as a way to measure your seriousness in earning a business degree. Although these programs do not require GMAT may rely on your personal essay. Simply it shows your readiness and willingness to finish the rigid coursework required for your degree.

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An exceptional GPA

It is not easy to have the GMAT waived on an excellent undergraduate academic alone. Your outstanding grades in advanced classes including the analytical skills and advanced mathematics courses. Apart from this you also require a bachelorís degree in science, technology, math, engineering etc. is helpful.

Keep in mind if the GMAT is not required it does not mean that syllabus for the MBA course is easy.

Cheapest online MBA no GMAT

1. Indiana Wesleyan University-Marion (Tuition fee $9,265)

The online MBA offered by this University is a 42 credit-hour program. You can pursue the courses like applied management theory; decision making and business communication, applied managerial finance, managerial economics and business strategy and policy.

The admission requirement at Indiana are relaxed, you need only a 2.5 GPA an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited university. In the absence of an undergraduate degree or equivalent work, the experience can ensure they are ready to finish the MBA coursework.

2. Thomas More College (Tuition Fee $9,069)

Thomas More has waived the GMAT requirement for an unspecified period of time. Here the applicant required to show the undergraduate proficiency in economics, accounting, calculus, finance, statistics etc.

A resume showing the significant work experience is required. The students get coaching classes for various subjects such as conflict management and negotiation, transnational management and evaluation, strategy formulation, implementation, logistics and production and regulatory environment.

3. King University (Tuition Fee $9,024)

This MBA is designed for established professionals with plenty of work experience that is why the GMAT is not required. This program includes specialization in accounting, finance, healthcare admin, leadership, management, marketing and project management.

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The students can take the courses on international business, strategic management, economics of organizational architecture and quantitative research methods.

4. Frostburg State University (Tuition Fee instate- $6,876 and Out-of-State tuition-$8,838)

This university offers only AACSB-accredited online MBA on the list. The candidates with an advanced degree or GPA higher than 3.65 or 3.25 with 2 years professional management experience do not need to submit a GMAT.

The courses available in this MBA program are leadership & ethics, economics for managers, strategic human resource management etc.

5. Northwest Nazarene University (Tuition $8,694)

You can finish the MBA program in 16 months taking two classes at a time. The features of the courses are quantitative methods, management law, ethics in management, corporate finance and strategic marketing.

6. Saint Josephís College of Maine (Tuition Fee $8,576)

The main feature of the MBA from Saint Josephís college is automatic concentration in leadership. A graduate of this course has moved on to work in banking, hospitality, healthcare at local, state and federal level. The courses available at this university are systems thinking, cross-cultural leadership, corporate strategic leadership and ethical, social & environmental responsibility.

7. Carson-Newman University (Tuition fee $8,100)

Here the students can complete the MBA full-time degree in just 11 months. Whereas the part-time students can complete the program in 24 months. The student who wants to go for the slower pace, the program gives five years fully finish the degree.

The course includes in this program are leadership, quantitative method for managers, strategic management and entrepreneurship new business.

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8. Delware Valley University (Tuition Fee $7,824)

The University offers the rolling admissions, and six terms throughout the year. It means that you are never far from being able to start your degree. The students can select the specialization area in the acounting, finance, food, entrepreneurship and agribusiness, global executive leadership, supply chain management and human resources.

The courses include marketing management, managerial economics, advanced computer application and financial management.

9. Liberty University (Tuition Fee $7,781)

The University offers two ACBSP-accredited online programs that are 36-credit and 45-credit. The main difference between the two programs is 36 is a program for a general business degree while the 45 allows the student to specialize in areas that include accounting, healthcare management, international business, project management, public relations, leadership and public administration.

10. Greenville College

Students of this college can select from the majors in business administration, HR management and nonprofit management. The students can take the classes like organizational theory and practice, international business, applied business research and statistics.

The candidate having a graduation degree or 12 undergraduate credits in accounting, finance statistics or economics, or two years of managerial experience donít require to submit GMAT scores.

The above business schools provide the best MBA courses offers the cheapest online MBA without GMAT. You can select the school of your choice to finish your MBA degree and do not forget to check their websites to get the complete information on them. Cheapest Online MBA No GMAT

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