Companies That Help You in Your MBA Program

Companies That Help You in Your MBA ProgramCompanies That Help You in Your MBA Program: Anne wants to cultivate his career with an MBA program but his father is not so rich that he does what he desired.  He meets his friend who is doing a graduate program at a university.

Anne wanted to ask him how he did manage that amount, but his friend had started to tell him about some companies. He told him that many companies not only allow employees to pursue degrees outside work but they also actively encourage it by providing tuition assistance. These companies give a healthy amount to complete the education and to cultivate the educational career.

He said to him, “A report from the Society for Human Resource Management claims that 54 percent of employers offer tuition assistance.”

If you are one of the lucky employees whose company offers a tuition assistance plan, simply talk to your manager or human resources department to set up a plan for your graduate studies. If your company doesn’t currently have a tuition assistance program, the process of receiving aid for graduate school may take a bit more planning.

Companies That Help You in Your MBA Program

Here is a list of companies that provide tuition help or reimbursement for employees and how they do so.



Starbucks launched their SCAP in partnership with Arizona State University. In this program, eligible full and part-time employees who have worked at least for three months can receive full tuition fees for four years degree course to earn their first bachelor’s degree. Full tuition coverage is available for all four years of study with no commitment to stay with Starbucks after graduation.

The official of company says, “In a first of its kind collaboration with Arizona State University (ASU), we’re offering all part- and full-time benefits eligible U.S. partner’s full tuition coverage for every year of college to earn a bachelor’s degree.”

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#02 – UPS

In a part-time position, you can get tuition help by ‘Education Assistant Programme’ earning $5,250 per calendar year with a lifetime maximum of $25,000 in assistance. Eligibility beings the day you’re hired.

Additionally, employees can take advantage of UPS training programs for career advancement within the company.

We recognize that building a better future for our company goes hand-in-hand with equipping our staff for a better future as well. The UPS Earn & Learn Program gives students the opportunity to bring their career goals to fruition through part-time work and tuition assistance.

This education assistance program allows our part-time employees to earn up to $25,000 for their college education. Together, this educational assistance program and additional training that UPS provides to employees throughout the year work to motivate and advance our staff–making their world work better.

#03 – Intel

Tuition reimbursement 50000 per program, No annual limit

Technology giant Intel provides its own in-house training organization called Intel University that offers over 7,000 courses to help foster workers’ career goals, employees may also qualify for financial assistance for work-related courses outside of Intel as well.

Our tuition assistance programmer offers 100% of reimbursable costs ($50,000/program with no annual limit) including tuition, books, and certain fees.

#04 – Fidelity

Full-time employees with at least six months of service are eligible for the ‘Tuition Reimbursement programme’ which covers 90% of certain costs up to $10,000 per year.

These courses must be at an accredited college or university that is work-related or part of a work-related degree or certification program.

Fidelity offers a $2,000 annual contribution up to $10,000 to help pay down student loans.

#05 – Procter and Gamble

Employees wishing to expand their education can take advantage of ‘Procter & Gamble’s tuition reimbursement programme’ that offers 80% reimbursement of pre-approved tuition and fees with a lifetime cap of $40,000.

Courses and programs must be related to current or potential positions within the company.

#06 – Smucker

J.M. Smucker career & benefits page is somewhat sparse on the exact details and requirements as to how their tuition assistance program works, they do state that they offer employees up to 100% reimbursement of tuition costs for company-approved college courses along with offering a renewable $3,000 scholarship program for children of employees.

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#07 – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

The automaker, through its labor agreement with the United Auto Workers, offers employees help with tuition and fees for job-related, degree-seeking courses at nationally and regionally accredited educational institutions. The tuition assistance plan administrators must review the courses to determine their eligibility for the assistance. The benefit is capped at no more than $5,000 annually.

The company also has a program for employees’ children that provides up to $1,500 in tuition assistance and up to $200 for degree-related books per year. Further, part- and full-time employees at Chrysler, Jeep, Fiat, Dodge, and Ram dealerships who have been employed for at least 30 days can receive tuition assistance to seek associate, bachelor’s or master’s degrees at no cost through Strayer University.

This program covers full tuition, books, and fees.

#08 – Boeing

The aircraft manufacturer offers employees the ‘Learning Together Program’ through which it pays employees’ college tuition, books, and fees for degree and professional certificate programs. It also pays for individual courses at quality schools.

Full- and part-time employees are eligible after a year at the company. Schools must have accreditation that the Council for Higher Education Accreditation or the U.S. Department of Education recognizes, and employees who use tuition assistance are taxed for amounts greater than $5,250 a year.

#09 – Anthem

The Indianapolis-based health insurance company offers up to $5,000 in tax-free reimbursement annually to help its employees cover the cost of tuition, fees, and books at accredited institutions.

In addition, through its partnership with College for America at Southern New Hampshire University. It offers no-cost associate or bachelor’s degrees online.

Benefits are available to full- and part-time employees who work at least 20 hours a week and have been with the company at least six months.

#10 – Disney

The entertainment giant provides employees with tuition help for educational courses that relate to their job duties.

Disney pays up to $700 per credit unit and covers the full purchase price of books as well as up to $100 per course for materials.

#11 – AT&T

The communications company offers employees life enrichment benefits, which include tuition aid. All full-time employees who have been with AT&T for a year are eligible for the aid.

The tuition aid policy covers a variety of degree programs, including marketing, human resources, economics, business and communications/mass media.

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AT&T will pay up to $3,500 a year, with a lifetime cap of $20,000 for undergraduates and $25,000 for graduate degrees.

#12 – JetBlue

The airline encourages employees to earn degrees and will cover the cost of JetBlue-approved online courses as well as provide college advisement and resources to help employees graduate. Participants must have two years of service with the airline and at least 15 hours of prior college credits or the equivalent.

Employees take their final semester online at one of the partner universities, which includes Thomas Edison State University.

With company assistance, grants and scholarships, employees only pay $3,500 for tuition.

#13 – Akron Children’s Hospital

According to the official, both full-time and part-time employees can receive up to $5,250 in tuition assistance per year.

#14 – ADT

ADT offers $7,500 of tuition reimbursement per year, and $5,250 of it is tax-free.
The money can also be used to pay registration fees, laboratory fees, books, and College Level Examination Program (CLEP) fees.

#15 – T-Mobile

Tuition assistance offered: If your classes are approved by the company and you maintain at least a C- average then you can take advantage of T-Mobile’s tuition assistance program. After working at the company for at least 90 days, T-Mobile offers up to $5,250 annually to full-time employees and $2,500 to part-time employees for tuition.

#16 – 1-800 Contacts

Glassdoor reports that full-time 1-800 Contacts employees are reimbursed up to $2,500 for tuition and books. Part-time employees are reimbursed up to $1,500.

#17 – DaVita

After 90 days of employment at DaVita, employees are eligible for up to $3,000 of tuition reimbursement after completing job-related courses.

Employees who have been at the company for a year, they can be selected to earn up to $25,000 per academic year for a nursing degree, associate degree, undergraduate degree, graduate degree, or any job-related degree.

#18 – Apple

According to its official, this tech giant will contribute up to $5,250 towards tuition reimbursement per year.

#19 – Scottrade

Scottrade offers up to 50 percent of tuition reimbursement for eligible employees enrolled in approved programs.

#20 – Comcast

Tuition assistance offered: If an employee is enrolled in an approved degree program, Comcast will offer up to $5,750 per calendar year to help with tuition cost.

#21 – Norfolk Southern Corporation

Norfolk Southern Corporation offers its employees approximately $5,000 per year for tuition reimbursement.

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