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Cox School of Business Review 2019: The Cox School of Southern Methodist University (Cox) offers the following departments and specialties: accounting, arts management, entrepreneurship, finance, integrated management, marketing, production/operations management, organizational behavior, real estate, quantitative/statistical analysis, and operations.

Cox School of Business Review 2019Cox School of Business Review 2019

Students at the Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business can use the school’s site near downtown Dallas to connect with companies such as AT & T, Texas Instruments, and Southwest Airlines. The Fortune 500 Fortune 500 companies serve a growing number of business students in New York and Houston and benefit from coaching programs, lecture series and internship opportunities.

In addition to location and online access, Cox Business School offers a variety of degree options for prospective students. M.B.A Candidates may choose a full-time M.B.A for 22 months.

Cox also offers a Master of Science in Accounting, Finance, Management, and Entrepreneurship. Outside the classroom, master’s students gain hands-on experience and research experience in one of 13 centers of excellence, including O’Neill Global Markets and the Freedom Center and the JC Penney Excellence Retail Center. Students can also develop networking and team building skills through a variety of academic and intramural campus clubs.

Global experience is another way for schools to prepare for the real world. Although only 14% of graduates in 2016 reported traveling abroad, students in school sharing can choose from 10 courses that provide important global business components for global business opportunities. These courses cover international finance, international marketing, international finance, strategic management in a global economy, and global markets, trade and energy policies.

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The school also indicated that students can choose between 150 university opportunities and five specific business opportunities and that 28% of students typically have overall experience before graduation.

In response to the 2016 Alumni Association, students traveled to London, New Mexico, and West Africa. If they do not travel, they will pass the bachelor’s degree program to meet the overall requirements of the university’s curriculum. Justin Wolfe, now Deputy Director of Home Affairs at Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, said he had spent two semesters of Spanish classes learning the culture and language of Spanish-speaking countries.

Nearly 90% of graduates of the 2016 P & Q survey said their first job after graduation was the one, they were looking for and about 80% said their first job was what they wanted to rejoin. Businesses, 73% said they change their lives at SMU Cox.

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Notable alumni of the South Methodist University’s Cox School of Business include AMR and American President, President and CEO Thomas Horton. And Eckhard Pfeiffer, former president, and chief executive officer of Compaq Computer Corporation. (Cox School of Business Review 2019)

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