Difference Between MBA and Masters with Points

Difference Between MBA and Masters – After completing your Bachelors degree, everyone wants to challenge him or herself more by earning a Masters degree. It is one of the most popular degrees that helps to shape the postgraduate education curriculum in the MBA.

Master of Business Administration is a common type of masters degree that enhances your business skills. A Masters degree is a good step towards the advance career of an undergraduate degree.

Difference Between MBA and Masters

Difference Between MBA and Masters

Masters degree includes the program in business, engineering, education and healthcare. An MBA is designed to concentrate the refining general management competencies with an emphasis on business skills. The skills include accounting, finance, employee relations etc.

What is an MBA?

Master of Business Administration has its branches in financing, business, marketing, advertising etc. A business professional can do well if qualified by the completion of MBA. You need to undergo the MBA program for 3 years.

ìMBAî is one of that Masters degree that is linked to professionals. Simply a specialized program specializes in business and for business-minded people. However, the duration of Masters degrees, vary across different types of institutions.

Masters Degree

A Masters degree has become very popular in U.S. Many students are seeking to finish this degree to gain a better chance of employment and advancement in their career. It simply requires finishing 1-2 years to study on their collegiate education same as like a bachelor program.

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It has 60 other sub-specific Masters degree across all fields of study from science to arts and Masters degree. The degree includes professional courses like nursing, engineering etc.

The key difference between MBA and Masters

Any discussion in the difference between the two qualifications cannot be separated from the current economic and financial crisis.

Almost 100,000 MBA graduate a year leaving US business schools and universities. 40% of them traditionally enter finance or finance-related careers that do not have an undeniable link between the MBA degrees.

Experience of the candidate before applying

No doubt, the first area required is candidates experience before they apply for a particular program. The purpose of both the degrees is different; MBAs seek to develop appropriate skills on the foundation of candidates life, professional experience. The majority of degrees build on academic background of a student.

Teaching Style

The two graduate-level degrees are different from each other in teaching style. The great developments have been made in the way in which all university programs are taught, especially with the introduction of latest learning technologies, MBA and masters program have entirely different learning styles.

The traditional MBA programs dominated by case studies, real-world examples of business issues/problems that a student is expected to explore. They need to discuss and reflect in small groups or syndicates of fellow students.

The traditional lectures and tutorial classes feature in some MBA programs. These are far uncommon in their masters degree counterparts.

The masters programs continue to develop their teaching methods around classroom/laboratory-based activities like lectures, tutorials or presentation.

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It is one of the best examples of the difference between the two in MBA you can be specialized in the field of Human Resource and personnel management.

A general approach common is various MBA programs is sufficient to equip a student for a range of business-related situations. A masters qualification provides a candidate with precise academic and theoretical framework to handle a specific area.

In some cases, the difference between the two in a particular area is practical when it comes to teaching style. The content of the program and opportunities to develop the subject knowledge.

Employers point of view

The difference in the specialized area such as human resources or personnel management is important for employers.

Employers certainly consider both degrees such as HR vacancies; a level of specialized knowledge is required.

Simply if you want to be HR then masters will be the best option for you. You need to remember a specialized field where many schools have MBA programs but having a masters degree is different that you can set you apart from the industry.

Difference based on MBA and Masters based on characteristics


MBA has many branches of study like financing, business, marketing, advertising etc.
Masters is the concentration of one particular field.

Duration of program

  • MBA is three years program.
  • The Masters takes two years to complete.

Registration for Ph.D.

An MBA needs to complete the Masters to get registered for Ph.D.
After completing Masters one can get registered for Ph.D.as well.


  • MBA can appoint as an educator, consultant or a research assistant.
  • For masters, you can apply for jobs related business management, administration, consultation and marketing.
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Remember neither an MBA nor Masters guarantees job security. You must ensure that you have sound skills, solid business network and self-confidence that come with a degree. The preference comes down to your flexibility in timing and money.

Difference Between MBA and Masters

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