How Long Does It Take To Get An MBA Degree [Full Time/Part Time]

How Long Does It Take To Get An MBA?

I know you must be willing to do MBA, just like me.

This is the first question anyone will search on Google, who want to do MBA.

It takes only 2 years to complete MBA

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One of the key points you must be aware during your graduation that how long it takes to earn an MBA degree. As the employers require to fill the new positions after the completion of their course of study in a limited duration of time.

While some students simply in a hurry to finish their education and use it to advance in their careers, and begin paying back the student loans they might have taken in order to pay the fee for their education. MBA gives the potential to earn handsome money, but it depends on the student’s dedication to full-time coursework or part-time or nontraditional scheduling practices.

One the biggest investment you will make into your MBA is time. However, the degree also requires a significant amount of time, effort, and energy. The time required to get an MBA degree depends on the school you attend. But it is important to check how long it takes to get an MBA?

How Long Does It Take To Get An MBA

How Long Does It Take To Get An MBA

So how long it takes to get an MBA? A traditional, full-time MBA takes two years-time to complete. In the first year a period of orientation in later summer, then two semesters of core business curriculum. Generally, students complete internships or study abroad programs during summer or may continue classes during the summer semester. The second year of the degree includes more electives and flexibility.

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Long MBA Programs

Mostly, long MBA is around two year’s course, there is a wide range of possibilities for business students. There are many alternatives available such as executive MBAs, part-time MBAs and dual degree MBA programs that take more than two years. Let’s go through each and every program in detail.

Full-Time MBA

An MBA student requires finishing 36 credits in the field of strategic management, communication, managerial accounting and other key areas. However the graduate-level business programs, full-time students are not expected to take 15 credits each semester. Instead, the full-time MBA students take nine credits or 3 courses per semester. Most full-time programs offer two semesters for each academic year. It means a student can expect to finish their degree two full years after they start the program.

Part-Time MBA

Usually, most students who opt for a part-time MBA will take longer to finish as compared to Full-Time. The school which offers two semesters of course per year will typically allow the students to finish MBA in three years after starting the program. Most students which require remedial courses will have to add at least one semester to this duration so that they can easily move into full degree entry.

Executive MBA

Executive MBA programs are designed for the MBA students which have more extensive relevant work experience. This MBA takes two years’ time to finish the MBA, like traditional MBA programs. This course is for the working professionals, EMBAs often allows for greater flexibility and offer classes on weekends or evening, which is helpful in shortening the lengthening of the course time. The majority fall within a 1.5 to 2.5 years range.

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The Executive MBA program offered by the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business meets once a month for 21 consecutive months. The Fisher MBA program at Ohio State University meets once a month in a similar weekend format for 17 consecutive months.

Wrapping up we can say an MBA degree needs 2-3 years to complete. Apart from this, the programs in medicine, law, counseling, nursing, and numerous other areas take from three to five year to finish on full-time as well as part-time basis. That’s all about the How Long Does It Take To Get An MBA topic.

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