Kelley School of Business at Indiana University Review 2019

Kelley School of Business at Indiana University Review 2019: The Kelley School of Business is a business college at Indiana University that boasts to be among the top-ranked MBA in the nation. The school offers both undergraduate and advanced programs in various business fields.

This includes accounting, programming, finance, marketing, and administration. All of its graduate and undergraduate programs ranked in the top 15 by high numerous publications in the U.S. News and World Report.

Kelley School of Business at Indiana University Review 2019

Kelley School of Business at Indiana University Review 2019


The Kelley School of Business dates back in the year 1920 with roots of its very first business course that was offered in the then Indiana College in Bloomington in 1830. The college later grew to the Indiana University that we have today.

They established the school of commerce and finance which offered the business courses since 1916. This later grew to the world-class Kelley School of Business. With its rich history, Kelley School of Business can proudly say they have more than 100 years of excellence in offering business courses.


Kelley School of business is situated in Indiana University in their two campuses one in Bloomington and the other one in Indianapolis campus. It is also possible to study your degree through their school online MBA AND MS programs.

Being the best undergraduate business school Kelley school of business admits about 7500 full-time undergraduates and graduates in their Bloomington campus, over 1000 students in their online MBA program known as Kelley Direct and also enrolls over 1740 students in their Indianapolis campus.

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Programs Offered at Kelley School of Business

The following programs are offered in their Bloomington University

  • Full-time MBA
  • Online MBA
  • Undergraduate
  • PhD
  • Executive degree
  • MS in accounting
  • MS in finance
  • MS in information system

They also offer certificate programs in business management, Business analytics, and cloud-based analytics and Business of life sciences.

What It’s Like Learning at Kelley School Of Business?

The school offers a topnotch business education that is focused on guiding you towards achieving your true success. The MBA coaching support system will help you turn your passion into the right business. Their innovative curriculum incorporates exceptional learning with an international experience that will shape you to open new career horizon.

Graduates from Kelley School of Business have a job placement rate of up to 95%. This is because students are equipped with relevant skills and knowledge to lead a multinational business.

The Kelley School of Business has produced notable civil servants and distinguished alumni who graduated from their school. The president of the chamber of commerce, Richard Lesher, and Cisco Systems a leading computer software company in the world CEO John Chambers, just to mention but a few graduated at the Kelley school of business. All these great people have achieved success in the corporate world by utilizing the skills learned at the Kelly school of business.

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Final Verdict

It is with no doubt that The Kelley School of Business is the ultimate place to achieve your true success. Offering business programs for over 100 years and producing great people in the world is a reason enough to enroll as a student at their University. Shape your future with an MBA from the leading business school. (Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, Bloomington)

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