USC Marshall Business School Review 2019 [Scam?]

USC Marshall Business School Review 2019: Established in 1920, Marshall School of Business is a business school affiliated by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

USC Marshall Business School Review 2019

USC Marshall Business School Review 2019

The school has 5 multi-story buildings on its campus that include:

  1. Bridge Hall (BRI) (houses all undergraduate offices)
  2. Hoffman Hall (HOH) (houses faculty offices)
  3. Popovich Hall (JKP) (houses Marshall School’s MBA programs)
  4. Jill and Frank Fertitta Hall (JFF) (houses the undergraduate programs)
  5. Accounting building (ACC)


Marshall School offers several educational programs for students such as:

  • Undergraduate

The main degree school offers at the undergraduate level is the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. There are many joint programs that give the opportunity to the student to study with International Relations and Cinematic Arts.

The undergraduate program has brought numerous international opportunities such as The Global Leadership Program (GLP), which has a 2-semester seminar on business leadership in China and a spring break trip to China.

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  • Graduate

At the graduate level, there are programs such as:

  1. MBA (2 years)
  2. MBA for Professionals and Managers (MBA-PM)
  3. Online MBA
  4. Executive MBA (EMBA)
  5. International MBA (1 year) (IBEAR)
  • Postgraduate

At postgraduate level, the school offers 11 specialty master’s degrees. The specialized business education includes a number of topics- business analytics, finance, marketing, and global supply chain management etc.

  • Ph.D.

Students can have a doctoral program with 5 academic departments. While working with faculty, students receiving doctoral education can have substantial financial aid in the form of a graduate assistantship as well as a living stipend.

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The school has also ranked in the top 15 world business research institutions. (USC Marshall Business School Review 2019)

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