MBA Programs That Do Not Require GMAT (Updated Post)

MBA Programs That Do Not Require GMAT – Do you have questions in your mind like me?

Can I get the admission in MBA course without GMAT? Why is GMAT required? Which are the best business schools you can enter into MBA program without taking GMAT?

MBA Programs That Do Not Require GMAT (Updated Post)

MBA Programs That Do Not Require GMAT (Updated Post)

MBA Programs That Do Not Require GMAT

The right place you visited, through this article I am going to mention the alternatives if you do not want to take GMAT.

Benefits of MBA Without GMAT

1. Saves money.
2. Less time investment
3. Quick application process without score analysis.
4. Streamlined enrollment and quick to start classes.

How to get into an MBA without GMAT Scores?

Some MBA programs do not require GMAT, especially or accomplished students, while few do not need it at all.

The majority of business schools require GRE or GMAT for admission in MBA. If you want to get admission in one of the best schools, you need to clear the any one of the two exams.

Why GMAT is required

  • A Reliable predictor of students: GMAT has been proven the reliable predictor of a candidateís academic performance in business school especially, in the first year. The GMAT test needs critical reasoning, analytical writing ability, reading comprehension and math.
  • The Equalizer in the admission process: Some business school requires admission factors like a letter of recommendation or undergraduate GPA. You undergraduate GPA could be influenced by the rigor of the school you attended.
  • Same criteria: GMAT administrated in the same format, same time limits to thousands of the students every year. The test examines and ensures the fair results for the students of different backgrounds.
  • Realistic measure: MBA Committee can rely on the results of the GMAT, as they are the measure of your current abilities, without extenuating circumstances playing a role. It can compare the ability of different students based on GMAT scores more reliable and useful over some other admission factors.
  • Plays role in business school ranking: The schools are ranked by the publications and organizations. The average GMAT score of the school incoming student is the major factor within spot within those rankings. The average GMAT score of the top-ranked schools is consistently over 700. The mid-ranked schools average GMAT scores tend to hover around 600-650.
  • Allows MBA program to move up: Putting an emphasis on GMAT scores in the admission process allows MBA program to move up in ranking. It allows them to attract the qualified applicants as well as additional funds and prestige.
  • MBA programs do not need GMAT: There are three types of MBA courses that do not require the GMAT or GRE to get the admission in MBA.
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1. Traditional MBA

Mostly international/smaller schools do not require GMAT. However, few popular or prestigious business schools such as Rutgers, Texas A&M also do not need the GRE/GMAT. Some programs without GMAT requirement do not accept test requirement under certain circumstances.

2. Executive MBA Program

These programs designed for the working candidates that can demonstrate their prior relevant work experience. Others accept the Executive Assessment in the place of GMAT. The Executive Assessment is a 40-questions exam authored by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) makers of the GMAT.

Some top-ranked programs that offer an executive MBA are

1) Northwestern University Kellogg Executive MBA

The program needs to have at least 8-years of work experience with an average 12-15 years. The duration of this course is over two years and covers all aspects of general management.

2) NYU Stern executive MBA

A 22-month long program earns you the same MBA degree as full-time MBA program. In this course, you will get a good choice of electives with the general management topics.

3) Smith Executive MBA

The University of Maryland-Robert H. Smith School of Business has its executive MBA program for 19 months. The applicant must have 15 years of work experience to join this course.

4) Oxford Executive MBA

The school offers the EMBA program running in a weeklong module throughout the duration of 21 months.

Full-time MBA program doesnít require GMAT Scores

The top-tier full-time MBA program needs to submit a GMAT/GRE score. However, there is certain lesser-known full-time MBA program donít require GMAT score.

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1) University of Central Lancashire

It offers 12-month full-time MBA program. An IELTS or TOFEL score is required and GMAT is not necessary.

2) University of Canberra

The candidate is required to have a bachelorís degree in the related field without work experience or another field with three years experience.

3) Lancaster University Management School in the UK

It is a one-year full-time MBA program; the GMAT score is not a compulsory requirement.

4) Pace University-Lubin School of Business

If you are an MBA applicant and holding a business-related masterís/doctoral degree you can request for waiver of the GMAT/GRE.

Online MBA donít need GMAT

1) Norwich University online MBA

This program can be completed in around 18 monthís time. You need to finish the undergrad; degree with TOFEL/IELTS score is required to apply.

2) University of Maryland

Robert H. Smith School of Business offers a flexible 21-month online MBA program. You need a minimum of 2 years work experience to join this course. GMAT waiver offered to those who have a good career record and excellent analytical and quantitative skills.

3) University of Liverpool

To join this MBA program you need a bachelorís degree with a three-year relevant work experience and TOFEL/IELTS score.

4) Florida International University Online

A candidate requires around four years of professional experience to join this MBA.

If you are inspired to pursue MBA but do not have the ability to prepare and appear for GMAT donít worry.

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