Plant Controller Jobs in USA 2019 [Updated for You with Original Link]

Plant Controller Jobs: A plant controller position works as a business partner with the plant and financial management so as to effectively manage and control the local businesses.

The Plant Controller leads the financial staff at the plant and is thereby accountable for plant level responsibilities including general accounting, order entry, billing, payables, cost accounting, business analysis, financial reporting, bill of materials, sales management, and computer operations. Also, a Plant Controller will also have to liaison with corporate financial staff, whenever required.

Plant Controller Jobs in USA 2019

Plant Controller Jobs in USA 2019

The role of the Plant Controller can be described as follows:

  • A plant controller has to prepare the monthly reports of results, monthly forecasts, strategic planning, and annual operating plan.
  • A plant controller is responsible for handling the internal controls at the plant for operations, sales, and finance.
  • A plant controller has to analyze and thus accurately report the current month’s financial results to the plant, sales, and corporate management in lieu of corporate format and time requirements.
  • A plant controller has to submit all financial transactions record and reporting on a regular and accurate basis.
  • A plant controller has to ensure the accuracy of the physical inventory and investigate and explain book value to physical adjustments.
  • A plant controller has to perform audits of bills of materials. This ensures that the product costs are accurate and accounted for.
  • A plant controller must report the audit results monthly.
  • A plant controller must ensure timely and accurate input and price code changes of the bill of material
  • A plant controller must ensure that the bill of material and costing accurately reflects production operations.
  • A plant controller must maintain an accurate inventory for finished goods. A plant controller must reconcile this perpetual to production and returns on a daily basis.
  • A plant controller must attend daily plant production meetings.
  • A plant controller must perform daily walkthroughs of the plant with the General Manager to discuss production issues.
  • A plant controller must review labor reporting and cost with respect to material costs, manufacturing overhead and returns and inventory levels.
  • A plant controller must conduct formal meetings with manufacturing, finance, and sales management personnel to discuss all plant issues.
  • A plant controller must develop and publish a formal agenda and thereby recap all the actions to be taken.
  • A plant controller must document and understand ERP/MRP systems, hardware, and reporting conventions and serve as the on-site IT expert.
  • A plant controller must analyze potential excess and obsolete inventory items monthly.
  • A plant controller must reconcile all inter-company accounts monthly.
  • A plant controller must analyze internal controls to ensure assets are adequately safeguarded and results are accurately reported.
  • A plant controller must ensure adherence to Generally Accepted Accounting Policies.
  • A plant controller must resolve questions of GAAP and internal controls with corporate financial management.
  • A plant controller must assist in the completion of special projects.
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Basically, this position manages all employees of the department and is thus responsible for the performance management and hiring of the employees within that department.

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