Public Policy Manager, Strategic Response Jobs in USA 2019

Public Policy Manager: Public Policy Manager, Strategic Response, is an analytical thinker, has experience in tech, business, or government policy and/or risk management. They report to the policy lead of the company.

The major aim of the team is to handle crisis situations that require cross-functional coordination in order to meet serious risks to the company or the community; and, to provide insight on current and future risk and develop mitigation plans. The team comprises of country policy managers, lawyers, communications professionals, and operational teams.

Public Policy Manager

Public Policy Manager

A Public Policy Manager, Strategic Response is able to present complex issues and manage multiple internal stakeholders, balancing differing opinions and perspectives, and weighing up risk in order to provide effective policy advice to leadership.


  • One of the major roles is to work rigorously in a fast-paced environment and display strong leadership qualities by motivating the team to perform better.
  • Proactively build relationships with key policymakers, IT decision makers and executives in the central government and other relevant organizations and help prioritize international, national, and state-level government public policy issues faced by the company
  • Address policy risks to the business as well as advance strategic business opportunities and initiatives in key market segments
  • Representative on key industry associations and coalitions that are critical to advancing public policy and business objectives
  • Analyze the central government regulatory environment, craft and effectively deliver a coordinated advocacy strategy thereby playing a pivotal role in catalyzing sustainable growth for the business.
  • Assess and communicate potential regulatory threats and business opportunities in the business, develop mitigation or enhancement strategies and policy positions, and coordinate external advocacy efforts, outreach programs and key initiatives in concert with the company’s objectives;
  • Work collaboratively and transparently with the business units to ensure alignment between core business priorities, public policy goals and “go to market” strategies;
  • Advance the company’s policy positions directly and through industry associations/coalitions to enable an unrestricted, transparent and technology friendly regulatory environment for the growth of company Services
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  • Must act as an ambassador for the company to elected officials, government agencies, ministers, as well as civil society entities engaged in policymaking issues of importance to the company
  • Should be able to represent the company at high tech industry gatherings and coalition meetings, speak publicly on policy panels at events and conventions
  • Must monitor public policy issues of importance to the company, including in the national legislative and executive branches and related agencies and actively engage and advocate for the company as necessary
  • Must be able to provide front-line support on issues requiring engagement, solving problems and escalating to internal colleagues as needed
  • Provide assistance in the preparation of presentation materials for engagement with policymakers, regulators, and lawmakers
  • Must be able to conduct research into tech policy issues, working with other team members to fashion policy solutions that meet the legitimate needs of policymakers while advancing the interests of our users.

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  • University degree; advanced degree preferred
  • 8+ years of significant experience in government, politics, or public policy with deep familiarity across all three disciplines
  • Awareness and understanding of laws and regulations important to the company
  • Strong communications, multitasking, and interpersonal skills
  • Reasonable fluency in high technology
  • A passion for the power of communications to change the world for the better

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