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Should I Get An MBA – For those of you who still don’t know, MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. And like most other advancements made in industrial and scientific approaches, this degree initially originated in the United States in order to complement studies on using a devised strategy in the wide field of business tactics.

The study as a whole is designed to prepare students and other newbies in such a way as to be able to tag along with the shifting phases of business today. If nothing else, the business world is uber-competitive (to say the least). This goes without saying, but in a competitive field, anything at all that increases your chances of bringing luck to your side could be worth considering.

And it may include (but not limited to) studying and mastering subjects such as:

Should I Get An MBA

Should I Get An MBA

  • Accounting
  • Business ethics
  • Business communication
  • Applied statistics
  • Business law
  • Finance
  • Managerial economics
  • Management

Yes, before you ask, business ethics is a thing. But it is so not in the vocabulary of newbie entrepreneurs or startup founders that they lose little virtues to too much success, or too much failure.Besides, there are a legion of electives such as corporate strategy, consultancy, leadership, and so on that you can study along the course of the degree.

So why an MBA degree?

Nothing like a formal education will give you the raw knowledge about a field. Studying an MBA degree helps you acquire managerial skills that are a requirement in most companies these days.Besides, studying an MBA degree opens a portal of network as a graduate.

Through the various internships that are necessarily a part of studying it. This, to an extent, includes the alumni network of the particular course, who must have already forged their own paths as associates or entrepreneurs.

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According to research, an MBA course is said to place students at a higher package of income than those who did not bother to pursue the degree.And leaving all that aside, let’s assume a real life situation here – and that’s probably the one why you are here:

You have a startup idea. You need to see it grow as a brand that people can turn to without doubt. What do you have to do? How much do have to be able to invest, how much do you have to have in reserve, who should you appoint COO,

And when in time should you begin to market – before your company picks up, or after? You are right, the answer to most of these questions are relative to what company we are talking about, its scale, what initial funds you have, who you are starting it with, or if you are a lone ranger.But the basic knowledge is certainly an MBA side effect.

On that note, is MBA your only option?

You should have guessed the answer yourself: no. An MBA degree is an advantage; but it’s not decisive. And while it helps, it is not a surefire – nor is the only – way to succeed as an entrepreneur. Although this doesn’t mean entrepreneurship is easy, there are numerous other ways you can succeed as one.

Let’s take Nicolas Cole for instance. He was a content writer. He was working a 9-5 job, but wanted to be his own boss. Understandable, right? When faced with the issue of an MBA degree, he decided against it. He snatched a friend from his own boring job, and built a company from scratch. Step by step. Employee by employee. One deal after another.


Because they did what they loved. Nicolas Cole lives to write. And their company features in ghostwriting for CEOs, and other works of content and copy writing. They are now a successful company, with deals enough keep them working seven days a week.

If you want to work for companies rather than create yours, then a degree under your belt will help.But by the end of the day, you do want to be your own boss, right? And you don’t need no school for that. Just bravado and passion, and of course, funds. Should I Get An MBA – Should I Get An MBA

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