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MIT Sloan School of Management Review 2019: Situated in Massachusetts, Cambridge, Sloan, MIT, is a well-known and popular management school. Said to be one of the world’s leading research institutions, Sloan offers hands-on opportunities for students and a focus on what impact they can make in the world, both today and in the future.

The school states its mission is“to develop principled, innovative leaders who improve the world and to generate ideas that advance management practice” are approximately 1300 students enrolled at MIT who enjoy campus life. However, for those wishing to teach at Sloan a wide range of research opportunities are provided in a variety of fields.

MIT Sloan School of Management Review 2019

MIT Sloan School of Management Review 2019

Various study options are offered for those wishing to continue their education at MIT including an MBA, Master of Finance, Master of Business Analytics, Ph.D. programmes and undergraduate studies, to name but a few. MIT aims to create world-class leaders who are able to innovate, improve management practice and make a difference in the world around them.

MIT offers a creative space in which students can make their plans and ideas a reality.

MIT works with agencies across the world and as a result, is able to make an impact on business leaders worldwide. Through programmes such as start-ups in the developing world and entrepreneurial opportunities alongside international alumni, MIT is a global leader in management, forging strong international links.

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MIT`s research labs are amongst the best in the world and allow students to be creative, share ideas and undertake new encounters together. Surrounded by a range of cultures with opportunities for fun and relaxation, food and travel close by, MIT is located in the academic and vibrant part of the city.

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The nearby companies, technology, labs, and new start-up companies mean MIT is well positioned as a point of learning and research for students and staff alike. (MIT Sloan School of Management Review 2019)

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