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Stanford University Review 2019: Located in California, Stanford University is a well-known academic institution that prepares its students not only academically, but also as a future leader, under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced faculty. Through outstanding researches and results, the university has attained a ranking of number 2 in the world.

The university takes its legacy from Jane and Leland Stanford. Stanford University covers a diverse range of academics; from social sciences to the technical fields of engineering. The university has a total of 2240 members in its faculty, teaching a total of 7083 students in various undergraduate programs and about 9000 students in the graduate programs.

Stanford University is known for its deep-rooted and extensive research. A research budget of more than $ 1.5 billion speaks for the University’s devotion to its research. Moreover, the University has more than 6000 sponsored projects, which highlights the trust it enjoys from external bodies.

Stanford University Review 2019

Stanford University Review 2019


The Stanford University, PaloAlto was founded in 1885 by Leland and Jane Stanford. The school was dedicated to their only child Leland Stanford Jr. It opened for the first time on Stanford’s previous PaloAlto. Though there was an earthquake in 1906 and 1989 respectively, it still did not deter the school from growth, because it was rebuilt each time the earthquake occurred

Places to visit:

There are some places you have to visit the next time you are around, and it is not just because people say so, these locations are highly exquisite. They include Stanford oval, the memorial court, the memorial church, the main quad and also the Hoover Tower.

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The campus is quite large, and it comes with a feeling of grandeur and this would obviously be due to the well spaced buildings, which are completely architectural pleasing. The Spanish style archways are also delightful and the school also has loads of places to walk around.

There is a particular Rodin’s assembly of statues and one of the statues looks striking when it is in the moonlight against the beautifully mowed lawns, the Spanish style arch way and also the chapel of the university.

Campus Surroundings:

The campus has beautiful surroundings an there are loads of artworks that have been carefully and selectively placed all over the campus. The Burghers of Calais Sculptures by Rodin are in in the central area and tremendously evoke a dramatic event in European history. There is this warm and solemn feel whenever you are in the campus. The campus can be ranked among the most beautiful.

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Everywhere is peaceful with magnificent buildings that were the structure in a Spanish style with terra cotta and tile roof. This makes the campus look traditional an also lively. (Stanford University Review 2019)

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