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Tepper School of Business Review 2019: Tepper School of Business is a business school present inside the Carnegie Mellon University which is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. In business education, Tapper school offers many programs from undergraduate to the doctoral and also provides programs related to executive education.

Former name of this school was Graduate School of Industrial Administration (GSIA) which was established by William Larimer Mellon in the year 1949. The name of the school was changed in 2004 when it received a $55 million gift from former pupil named David Tepper.

There are many economists who won the Nobel prize have been affiliated with this school such as Oliver Williamson, Edward Prescott, Franco Modigliani, Herbert A. Simon, Finn Kydland and Merton Miller.

Tepper School of Business Review 2019

Tepper School of Business Review 2019

Business Administration

Tepper school of business offers a four-year undergraduate program in business administration which emphasis on analytical problems solving and quantitative decision making. The structure and pattern of this four-year undergraduate program are different from the MBA (Masters in Business Administration). In the business administration, Tepper school offers specialization in the below-listed areas.

• Business Analytics
• Accounting
• Entrepreneurship
• Graphic Communication
• Marketing
• Business Technology
• International Business
• Operations Management
• Finance
• Organizational and Leadership Effectiveness

MBA (Masters in Business Administration) which consist of two years duration is also being offered by Tepper School.

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Apart from the business administration, the undergraduate degree is also being offered in Economics and this program is administrated by both Tepper school and Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences. This program aims to provide the career to the students as economic analysts in the public or private sector and also prepare the students for further professional studies in the field of public policy and business.

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Tepper School offers doctoral degrees with the collaboration of other colleges present in the university. Every candidate of the doctoral degree gets the stipend and full tuition during the period of three years through the funds of William Larimer Mellon. (Tepper School of Business Review 2019)

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