Types of the Jobs for MBA Graduates with No Experience

Types of the Jobs for MBA Graduates with No Experience – Before you select MBA as your career, you must check which type of job you will get after MBA.

Generally, students jump straight towards from college to an MBA program rather than getting a job and gaining work experience.

An MBA graduate can access the jobs without any experience which an undergraduate with a degree Business Admin. The top B schools will not consider a candidate.

Types of the Jobs for MBA Graduates with No Experience

Types of the Jobs for MBA Graduates with No Experience

According to GMAT, the fastest growing group is the requirement for applying for a business school, people younger than 24.

Entry-level jobs

An MBA graduate often dreams of a job with a good salary. Many companies find high-paying jobs with little to no work experience. Do not worry the opportunities still exist for an MBA who is willing to take an entry-level position to get a foot in the door?

When you finish your internship while doing your degree and include this information on your resume and with people you met at the company you worked for.

Financial Services

The companies that offer securities, commodities and financial services hire a salesperson with or without experience. You require only bachelorís degree for this position, MBA graduate can command a higher starting salary.

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These businesses train new hires by offering on-theñjob training in multiple departments of an organization.

Own Business

If you are an entrepreneur at heart, you can start your own business. Many business owners lack the ability to plan a business and take the advantage of new technology to brand their product in the market. You can start your own company or offer your services to a business as a consultant to start your own online company.


An MBA course designed to pursue an MBA is to identify and solve problems. Analysts are very detail-oriented and they research market trends and try to predict future and find out the solution to the problems.

An analyst is to review a portfolio and the trends that make a particular stock either jump or fall. They will attempt to predict the future trends keeping in the mind of past knowledge.

Government Jobs

Government sector offers many positions for the graduates at entry level. Those agencies need employees with the administration background. During your MBA, you receive work in administration, budgeting, accounting and finance.

The country, state, federal governments welcome all graduates with MBA for a variety of positions.

Tips to Get a job after MBA

Across the globe every year, hordes of grad school students enter the work with dreams of landing a great job. However, handing an MBA degree in hand does not mean that you are guaranteed hired.

In this line, the competition is tougher than ever. You can gain an edge by investing in yourself.

Build a network

It all about whom you know, it sounds silly but it true. Especially, when you are looking for a job.

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The recruitment managers shift piles of resumes and take the first place they look to fill a position is often in their own network. Your college alumni groups are helpful to make professional contacts.

Connect online with the people who are working or hiring in your field.

Invest your summer vacation for internships

Internships offer a great experience when you are still in school and summer is the best time to utilize. Do not hesitate to take more than one internship program in a year.

Join a small part-time job

It will help you a lot while paying your bills, flipping burgers also helpful for your resume. Select a part-time, entry-level position that has some connection to your target profession.

Explore various industries while pursuing your degree

During your school, do not try to be rigid about a particular path. Open yourself to explore the different industries accepting part-time jobs and internships to determine which is best suitable for you.

Create an attractive CV

A well-written CV is a strong power, set yourself apart from other job applications by showing a bit of personality in your resume.

Take you Grade Point Average seriously

Your grade point average really matters. You need to do work hard and take your grades seriously.

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