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University of Maryland Review 2019 – College Park (Smith) ranked number 48 in Best Business Schools (draw). Schools are ranked by performance according to a set of generally accepted performance indicators.

University of Maryland Review 2019

University of Maryland Review 2019

Given that today’s business students need flexibility, students have several options to accelerate Smith ‘s 21 – month MBA program, if you wish. Smith’s full-time MBA curriculum provides students with an understanding of the importance of globalization, entrepreneurial spirit, and technology (GET) in today’s business environment.

In the core course, you will learn how entrepreneurial spirit, globalization, and technology transform business practices and develop leading management skills in teamwork, leadership, integrated analysis, and written and verbal communication.

The GET course is a pillar of Smith’s core and will strengthen basic courses in fields such as marketing, finance, management, and operation. During the first year, each student in the three fields will choose a GET selective program that will provide flexibility to tailor the program to personal interest and career goals through the GET course.

Once a full-time MBA student has completed the necessary core classes, they can take Smith ‘s optional course.

At the Robert H. Smith Business School of the University of Maryland, students can choose between full-time, part-time and executive M.B.A. programs. Robert H. Smith School of Business’s Executive MBA course is a program with 19 months of management experience at the college park campus.

Part-time students can participate in night classes in Washington, DC, and Baltimore, or DC weekend courses. The school also offers a master’s degree in economic science in the areas of accounting, finance, supply chain management, and information systems.

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Students enrolled in Robert H. Smith Business School can acquire real-world experience in financial transactions and e-commerce with one of the Internet-centered laboratories. Alternatively, you can look for the Mayer Fund for Securities Analysis and Portfolio Management.

Robert H. Smith Business School of the University of Maryland is also one of only 31 business schools in the United States and has established the International Business Education Research Center.

Smith’s CIBER program funded by the Congress-based Department of Education focuses on research and experimental learning in the global entrepreneurial spirit, emerging markets, government policies, and sustainability. For other global experiences, business Robert H. Smith School will offer study over 10 days of the semester.

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Candidates studying at the college park campus can relax at the Adele H. Stamp Student Club with cafes, restaurants, cinemas, and bowling alleys. The college park campus is just a short train ride from DC art museums and monuments, and you can easily reach Baltimore, Annapolis and Maryland. (University of Maryland Review 2019)

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