What Is An Executive MBA? | Everything You Need To Know

What Is An Executive MBA – MBA means Master of Business Administration. MBA degree is a very valuable advanced type of college degree. The candidate must be having an under graduation.

Only then they are eligible for applying for this post-graduation. An MBA degree deals with different aspects of finance, HR and marketing. Under these topics, there is so many subheading to deal with. The college in which we do our course must be either autonomous or affiliated to the University. Only then the degree we purse will be valued.

What Is An Executive MBA?

What Is An Executive MBA

The executive MBA is typically designed for the working people. Executive MBA teaches the students to lead in the ever changing world. The students learning this degree must be more creative. They must also have known about the daily changes in the business.

They must always be updated regarding the recent changes. Executive MBA builds a quality to solve global business issues. There are certain qualities an MBA candidate must possess.

  • Proper academic training is required to develop the skills in the individual as a good management staff.
  • Team building activities are conducted in the business schools in order to make the students work together as a team.
  • Excellent communication skill is required. Irrespective of the company and the posting they expect good communication skill.
  • Flexibility and adaptability are required to get closer to the team they work. They must also be an organisational fit person.
  • General management skills are very much important.
  • Good professional judgment and decision-making ability is important. They must be able to take decisions quickly. This quality is developed by the giving case studies and making them find the solution for them within the given time.
  • They must be authoritative at the same time they must be ready to work as a team.
  • Leadership quality is an important quality that an MBA candidate must possess. Only then they can lead a team.

Executive MBA versus MBA

  • The executive MBA is similar to normal MBA. But the executive MBA is especially for the working executives. In order to improve their ability.
  • Management studies are meant for the executives and working people, entrepreneur etc. They do their degree on a full- time basis.
  • But the executive program is meant for the persons working in the organisation. But doesn’t have time to contribute to their studies.
  • Both the degrees have the same importance and same value.
  • For MBA the timings normal so the classes will be conducted in a full-time. But for the executives, they have evening classes and classes in the flexible timings.
  • The classes will be 6 to 12 hours per week and they need to have the commitment to attending the classes. The other course is 8hours per day.
  • The executive MBA can be completed within one to two years as they mainly focus on team work. Whereas in MBA the course will get completed after two years of time.
  • The tuition fees for executive MAB is little higher than that of the MBA degree. But mostly tuition fees is paid by the current employer themselves. So the executive candidate need not worry about that.

Pros and cons of doing a management degree in part-time

  • Flexible timing is one of the most important advantages of this degree.
  • Tuition fees is normally reimbursed by the employer.
  • But sometimes they may ask for course selection. So when compared to the full time learns the courses offered will be less.
  • When you work and simultaneously study you may get exhausted sometimes.

While choosing an institution for doing the degree we must be very careful. The institution must be affiliated to any of the universities. Practical knowledge must be gained for regular activities in the college or institution.

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After earning the degree they have a scope for getting the promotion. They can continue working with the same employer. The roles and responsibilities will also increase. What Is An Executive MBA.

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