What Kind of Job Can I Get with an MBA?

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MBA is the most prestigious degree in the world. It leads you to a higher salary, marketability, and a position in the management.

According to the year-end poll of employers in the year 2016, the Graduate Management Admission Council reported that 75% of the proprietors intended to hire MBAs.

It is a good news for the candidate who is pursuing MBA. But which type of job they will get after finishing the degree.

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An MBA will get the job based on the stream opted in the specialization. Even the business schools provide the campus selection.


Big companies visit the college campuses and hire candidates with good academic records.

What Kind of Job Can I Get with an MBA?

What Kind of Job Can I Get with an MBA?

Make up your mind for an MBA course? You are on the right page here we are going to mention the jobs you will get after finishing your MBA degree.

Accounts Area

1. Accounts Area

Finishing your MBA in Finance you can become an accountant and need to run the team under you. The MBA degree gives you the management skills and background that a big company is looking for managers. Through this degree, you can flexibly move to other business areas of your organization. The name of the jobs you will get is as under.

– Financial Controller
A senior-level executive who acts as head of accounting and oversees the financial reports like balance sheet and income statements.

– Benefits Manager
The person who maintains compensation and income security programs by evaluating, administrating and recommending benefit programs.

– Budget Analyst
A Budget Analyst is responsible to review the budget and find new methods to improve efficiency and increase the revenue.

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Finance Area

2. Finance Area

The job opening in Finance stream needs an MBA even at the entry level. Without having a professional degree it’s difficult to get a job these days. Once you have a degree of MBA, you can use this experience to get a job and move towards higher levels. You will get the jobs like given below.

– Financial Manager
A finance manager ensures the financial health of a business. They produce financial reports, direct investment and develop plans and strategies. These plans are made for the long-term financial goals of an organization.

– Financial Analyst
A financial analyst researches macro and microeconomic conditions along with company fundamentals to make business recommendations.

– Financial Services Sales Agent
Responsibility for selling various financial services which includes banking, life insurance, investments, long-term care insurance. It also includes retail and institutional mutual funds.

– Global Management Area
The globalization altered how some companies are managing moving parts and doing their business. MBA focuses on the global management, how to run a business across the borders. If you work with a large organization, it’s safe that they require a candidate who is able to coordinate the operation in different countries at a single time. The name of the jobs offered as follows

– Sales Manager
Sales manager direct the distribution of the company’s products to the various customer. They also develop sale territories setting quotas and goals.

– Global Business Manager
Being a global business manager you need to manage the global operations. To do this job you have the capability to manger the complexity of a business that is conducted in different culture and time zones.

– Operations Manager
It is a senior role, in which you need to oversee the production of goods. An operation manager ensures the production process must run in a smooth and efficient manner. They also ensure to meet the expectations and requirements of customers.

Health Care Administration Area

3. Health Care Administration Area

A health care reform has become the need for business professionals these days. The healthcare field is the fastest growing industry these days. As a result of it the need to doctors and nurses has been increased. An MBA specialist in health care allows the organization to generate better revenues.

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– Hospital Administrator
They are true leaders of an organization, make decisions throughout the workplace and community at large. Their actions and policies affect global healthcare standards.

– Health Informatics Manager
Being a health informatics manager you need to oversee the management and performance of health information data to aid patient care.

– Medical and Health Services Manager
The duty if a medical and health service manager is to plan, direct and co-ordinate medical and health services. They manage the facility of specific clinical area or department practice for a group of doctors.

Human Resources Area

4. Human Resources Area

Of course! Managing the manpower of an organization is an important task. An MBA can move beyond the traditional role and move towards leadership skills. You can become a consultant that assists a company with high-level personal strategy. The jobs you will get with your MBA degree are as given below.

– Benefits Manager
The manager who tracks the benefits program for the employees in an organization. It includes leave policies, medic-claim, insurance policies and wellness program. They also finalize the vendors and manage enrollment, renewal and availability of benefits to the staff.

– Training and Development Manager
The manager teaches training skills and knowledge to the company’s staff. They also oversee a staff of training and development specialist.

– Human Resource Manager
The management plan, direct and coordinate the administrative function in an organization. They recruit, interview, hire and trained the staff.

Marketing Area

5. Marketing Area

Marketing doesn’t require an MBA degree, to get the competitive advantage in this field you need this degree. The skills learned in the MBA program like budgeting, projecting, growth and analytics are an integral part of this field. Job opportunities in this field are as follows

– Marketing Manager
The manager is concerned with marketing or a product or a service for an organization. A manager can be responsible for a single or various products.

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– Public Relation Manager
A public relation manager plans and directs the creation of material that is helpful to enhance the public image of their proprietor or client. The fundraising managers make campaigns that bring the donation to their organization.

– Advertising or Promotional Manager
The management plan, direct and coordinate advertising policies and programs to create an interest in the purchase of a product and service.

Nonprofit Management Area

6. Nonprofit Management Area

Generally, a bachelor degree holder works in the nonprofit organizations. An MBA can help to fill the management positions there. The work of an MBA includes running a charity and leading their operations for larger for profit group. The jobs in this field are

– Fundraising Manager
Fundraising managers are responsible to raise the funds and manage the team of fundraising.

– Social and Community Service Manager
The manager coordinates and supervises social programs and community organization.

– Nonprofit Director
The Nonprofit director is to oversee not for the profit organization. They work as per the budget, location and other factors.

Informational Technology Area

7. Informational Technology Area

Informational technology is the need of an hour these days. IT manager directs and manages the strategy and execution of IT infrastructure for an organization. The various jobs you will get

– Information Technology Manager
It manager is responsible for implementation and maintaining an organization’s technology infrastructure.

– Chief Technology Officer
Chief technical officer focuses on scientific and technological issues within an organization.
– Information System Manager

Final Point: What Kind of Job Can I Get with an MBA?

These managers plan, coordinate and direct the computer-related activities within an organization.

Apart from the above points related to the What Kind of Job Can I Get with an MBA, you can do your own business. It simply means being an MBA means a lot of opportunities to your professional careers, you must bookmark this page to get more ideas and knowledge on the questions of the What Kind of Job Can I Get with an MBA. Stay tuned with the MBA Online. That’s all about the What Kind of Job Can I Get with an MBA?

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